Back Bay Farmhouse photos were the perfect option for the McFarland family.

Every year Susan and I get our heads together and think about what cool new place we can go to take pictures.

We’ve really had to start thinking outside the box, because she was been with me for MANY years.

So at this point, we’ve gone to a lot of my “regular spots” that I normally take clients.

So it was quite fortuitous that this new spot opened up recently!


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Back Bay Farmhouse Photos

I’ve known Susan and her family for quite a few years.

We met when our husbands were stationed on the same ship (many moons ago), and we met at an FRG meeting.

We both had small babies, and I the one thing I remember from that meeting is that she was so confident and know what should be done.

Susan was so joyful, and always has a way of making the person she’s talking to feel like they are the only person in the world.

It’s not surprise that when her hubby Mike got back, he was just as awesome as Susan, and a friendship was born.

Susan, thank you and Mike (and the boys!) for trusting me to capture such wonderful moments over the past 9 years.

I love y’all to pieces and can’t wait to cook up something new for the next time we take pictures!


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