You’ll have to indulge me a bit because today is my third wedding anniversary (eeek!).

How is it that I’ve only been married to my handsome hubby Eric for three years?!

He fits so perfectly into my life, I don’t even want to remember a time when he wasn’t in it.

Eric and I were chatting a few weeks ago and I asked him when he knew he was going to marry me. The answer he gave definitely wasn’t what I was expecting!

He said that basically I didn’t give him any option other than to get married, so he resigned himself to the inevitable.

Wait what?

I know!

That answer is SO unromantic!

Especially when you consider how romantic our wedding day was (sneak a peek back by clicking here!)

Let me give you a little back-story.


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Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Eric and I first met at a wedding: he was the best man and I was the photographer (thanks Tiff and Tony!).

I tell people that he couldn’t stop looking at my butt, Eric says that I wouldn’t quit following him around… either story you wanna believe, I gave him my business card at the end of the night and we started texting each other.

The first two weeks or so, we only talked via text or on the phone.

We were both busy, and I don’t think that either of us was truly looking to invest seriously in another person.

When we finally decided to see each other in person again, it was to take our kids to the play place at Lynnhaven Mall.

What can I say, I like to show my dates a good time 😉

We let the kids play, and we chatted and just enjoyed being in each other’s company.

During that outing, I told Eric that I wasn’t really looking for something casual.

You see, for years after ending things with my ex, I was bitter and did NOT want to get married again.

I would joke and tell my mom that I would just live in sin the rest of my life rather than get married again!

But then, just a few months before meeting Eric, my heart started to soften.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I was ready to get married again, but I was definitely ready to consider finding someone to share this journey with.

Back to our first date!


I told Eric that I wasn’t looking for a casual affair.

I confessed that I really liked him, found him intriguing, and wanted to see what a relationship for us could look like.

It may seem like a bold move, but I knew what I wanted, and needed to see where Eric’s head was at.

Luckily for me, he had similar feelings and we agreed to start this adventure together!


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So Here We Are in the Present Day…

On our third wedding anniversary.

Three years down, a lifetime to go, and more in love than when we started.

And more than anything – we are so lucky to be able to love one another!


Eric, you are the heart of my heart and I couldn’t imagine this life without you.

Thank you for loving me more than I deserve, being my person, taking care of our family, and a million other things.

I love you, por-eb-er!


Photo Credit for all the gorgeousness you see on the blog today is my beautiful friend Jennifer, with Vinluan Photography!


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