Okay, so if the truth is told, this photo session was taken a little bit after Hannah and Keith’s 1 year wedding anniversary, but that didn’t stop us from getting sunflowers and fun during our photo shoot together! And since they have their sweet little princess now (who’s growing up WAY too fast!), we turned it into a family session and got photos of everyone at Stumpy Lake!

mother and daughterfamily photo shoot
summer fun by the water
sunflowers and fun

Sunflowers and Fun

Sunflowers are special to Hannah and Keith because that was their theme flower at the wedding in 2014. Hannah was the queen of DIY at her wedding (seriously, she should go into business for it!), and she and her bridesmaids made the gorgeous bouquets. But I’ll never forget the moment when all the girls getting ready at the church and they realized that they didn’t have any scissors to cut the sunflowers stalks down! There was a flurry of activity as we discussed what to do, and (if my memory serves me correctly) one of the girls finally ended up going out and hacking it out with a kitchen knife! Hey, whatever works right 🙂

kisses from daddy safe with my parents fun in the sun

But a lot has happened since that wonderful day for this little family! Hannah has made the decision to stay at home and take care of the house and their little princess full time (a job and a half in itself!), Keith is finishing up college so he can advance in his career field, they have bought a new house and are in the process of selling the old one (Keith’s bachelor pad)… lots of changes, but these two are facing them together and know that no matter what the future holds it will be wonderful because they have the other one to lean on.

Fresh Look Photography 1st anniversary session couples photo shoot

Hannah and Keith, I love you guys and baby Lorelei and am so happy that we were able to take photos for you! Life is so fleeting and it is so important to preserve these memories so that you can look back on how your family has grown and changed.

sweet little princess he makes babies happy

I couldn’t NOT include this picture of Eric and Lorelei, he had her giggling up a storm while I was photographing mommy and daddy!