Eric and I talk about it a lot – we want to build up our little corner of the photography community here in Hampton Roads, and do what we can to help educate and inspire others. Heck, we’ve even devoted a whole page to Education on our website! Every month we try and host one or two events aimed at getting people together, and this month’s summer photography meetup was definitely a blast!


photographers hang out photography class Virginia Beach headshots Virginia Beach glamour photography Virginia Beach headshots for photographers sculpting with the light

I love the cool vibe we were able to create by using different light sources in this photo!

Summer Photography Meetup

While you’re looking at these gorgeous pictures, keep in mind that the day we did the photos it was hot.

I mean, not just hot, but sweat dripping down your face, super humid, heat advisory kind of hot.

And that should just add to the story, how awesome it was that we had such a great turnout!


During this fun summer photography meetup, we took turns getting in front of the camera to model (special thanks to Medelin and Laura!). We practiced using external flash, both on and off the camera. I even broke out my Westcott Rapid Box Duo and Canon flash/trigger system and let participants play with the lights to create their own portraits. It was really cool to see how different people took different pictures, and the thought process behind what makes (or breaks) a good picture.


pictures of the photographers summer photography meetup gorgeous lady on the water community over competition

And it wouldn’t be a fun meetup without a big group picture at the end 🙂


If you want to download photos from the workshop, check out THIS LINK.


Want to join us at the next summer photography meetup?

We would absolutely LOVE to see you! But – on the off chance schedules don’t work out, we also offer one on one mentoring, put together free events for photographers, or you can always { Contact Us } for anything you need – even if it’s just a friendly face to say you’re on the right track!