This summer family photoshoot was the perfect way for this family to create some new memories.

Right at the end of the season, we got together at Megan and Sid’s house to do photos.

Now keep in mind – the last time we saw these two, they were tying the knot in a gorgeous travel themed wedding!

Since then, Megan’s career in the military has taken them all over the US and (finally) right back here to Virginia Beach.

These two spent a lot of time in Hawaii, and even gave their kids really cool Hawaiian names.

I loved getting to catch up with Megan and Sid – who are truly two of the nicest people on the planet!

Get to know more about their little family in today’s blog.


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Summer Family Photoshoot

Tell Us a Little About Your Family: 

We’re a geographically diverse family – each of the 5 of us was born somewhere different – New York (two places), Louisiana, Hawaii, and Virginia.
As a result of our travels and moves, we’ve been able to blend many beautiful cultures together in food, music, play, and lifestyle.
We might honor a beach culture one weekend (COVID friendly, of course) and follow it up with a Cajun dinner.
On another day we might wake up to Hawaiian music, and then go explore Virginia’s rich Colonial heritage, followed up by making homemade New York-style pizza for dinner.
We love culture and travel (remember our travel themed wedding?!) and are eager to share it with our two young boys.
And they absolutely keep us on our toes!

What Is Your Favorite Way to Spend the Weekend:

Socially distanced!
But seriously, in a perfect non-COVID world, we’d go out and see something new each weekend if we could.
As long as we get to be outside enjoying the sun and Virginia’s crisp autumn – which we missed during our years in Louisiana and Hawaii.
Visiting farmer’s markets or playgrounds, the festivals around Hampton Road, or just kicking the soccer ball around the backyard.
Our family is just happy to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company.


What’s One Unique Thing About Each Person:

Both Sid and Megan have professional jobs in which they help people through tough times, so they both love to laugh and have fun on the weekends and let down their hair with the kids, so to speak.
Our boys are busy exploring the world around them – one on two legs and one on four for now!
They love their doggie sister and love each other as much as sibling rivals can.
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