Whether you are a professional photographer or just using an iPhone to snap away; when it comes down to it, everyone wants to take better photos. As moms specifically, it is not practical to have a professional photographer on hand at all times to capture the adorable things our little ones are doing on a (nearly) constant basis… so what are we to do?!
The goal of this blog post is to provide you with a bunch of photography tips that you can use whether you know everything about photography or nothing about photography!

Take better photosStep 1 to Take Better Photos:

Take Better Photos!

Okay, maybe that might have been a little too vague, but here are some tips and tricks that you can use today!

  1.  Get Down!

    When photographing kids, babies, or pets, always get down on their level. If you photograph them from standing height, you will only get the top of their heads.

  2. Don’t use on-camera flash.

    I know, it’s super convenient to have that built in flash, but it gives a “deer in the headlights” look to your subjects. Because the flash is right above the lens, it hits the subject dead on and really makes for flat light that isn’t very flattering. Make use of available light whenever possible!

  3. Use Window Light

    I know I just said not to use flash, so what are you to do?! Use available light, specifically utilize window light to create soft light on your subject. Feeling adventurous? Grab a sheet of white poster board and place it on the opposite side of the window where your subject is sitting to act as a reflector.
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  4. Less is More

    Consider your background and remove any distracting elements. Could you frame the image differently to eliminate the clutter?

  5. It’s All In the Details

    While you want to capture the whole scene, sometimes the tiniest details speak volumes. Make sure to capture a picture of your child’s sandy feet, or their hand as they clutch onto grandma’s hand.

  6. The Subject Doesn’t Have to Be Looking at the Camera

    While making eye contact in a photograph is important, some of the best photos can be of your subject when they are looking away from the camera.

  7. Get the Shot

    While I’m not a big proponent of spray and pray (take a lot of pictures hoping that at least one of them will be good), I do believe that if there’s an photo op you don’t want to miss it’s more important to capture the moment than worry about shutter count. Don’t be shy about pressing the shutter button!
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  8. Chase the Light

    Sunrise and sunset provides some amazingly flattering light for your subject. This is often referred to as the golden hour, but you generally only have around 45 minutes to photograph in this light.

  9. People Pictures

    Always focus on the eyes when photographing people, don’t “cut off” the hands or feet of your subject.

  10. Baby It’s Cold Outside

    When shooting in the cold, make sure to keep your batteries warm (maybe by stashing them in your pockets for warmth!). Otherwise, the cold temperature will drain them much faster.