This playful Virginia Beach photoshoot was an awesome way for Paul to surprise his wife Stephanie!

Paul has been working here in Virginia Beach, and had his wife come visit before he left.

Stephanie did not know what the plan was, and was so surprised when we got to the beach.

Get to know these two lovebirds on today’s blog.


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Playful Virginia Beach Photoshoot

Sometimes scheduling beach portrait sessions can be tricky.

We have to make sure there is enough light, but not so much that it blinds the subject.

All the fingers and toes are crossed so that it’s not super windy (it wreaks havoc on the hair!).

And  lastly we pray to the sweet baby gebus in the sky that there is a nice sunset.

We lucked out for this session because it was cloudy, and we had the most gorgeous colors as the sun started going down.

Paul and Stephanie, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this special moment for y’all! I had so much fun laughing together and getting to know y’all, and hope that your travels bring you back to Virginia Beach again!


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