Normally I’ll open start each engagement session the same way: I tell the couple to get close, and put their arms around each other like they would if no one else were around. I knew we were in for a playful Virginia Beach engagement shoot because when I said this, Nick¬†immediately pulled Darlene close and put his hands on her butt! It made us all laugh, me especially since Eric would do the same thing if we were in the same situation ūüôā

Get to know a little more about these two lovebirds as they prepare for their wedding next year!

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Playful Virginia Beach Engagement Shoot

Originally Nick and I¬†met at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I knew from our¬†time sitting at the table that there was something different about him.¬†We didn’t start dating until a year later, but always kept in contact throughout that time.

The way Nick proposed was really cute! Usually I usually always wear a hoodie, but when I got home from work that particular day it was hot in the house, so I did not put the hoodie on. Nick practically followed me around the house for 2 hours trying to get me to put it on, and when I finally did the ring box was in the pocket! Then he got down on one knee, told me how fabulous I am, and asked me to be his wife!!!

Honestly, Nick and I are total opposites. He did not have a good childhood, I had a great childhood. He was a partier, I was not. He is very athletic, and I am probably the least athletic person you will ever meet! But they say opposites attract¬†–¬†Nick¬†brings out the adventurous Daredevil in me, and I bring out the sweet and loving side of him. We really enjoy going hiking and kayaking, and competing in Pokemon¬†Go. We also both share a great love for FOOD!


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If we¬†could describe our relationship in one word I’d say adventurous. Nick and I are¬†always ready to get up and go do something together, ready to explore¬†new places, and try new things. We have had a lot of new experiences together and we can’t wait for the future so we can¬†have many more.
A few dreams and goals we have for our marriage are the things everyone else wants: a comfortable house with a yard and three kiddos. Nick and I dream of having two rocking chairs on our porch, growing old together, and getting to watch our grandkids play in the yard.
But before that happens, we want to be able to travel the world Рespecially to explore places other people have never been Рand to do it together.
Lastly, we have made a commitment to never doubt how much we love one another.
Nick and Darlene, thank you for allowing me to photograph your playful Virginia Beach engagement shoot! It was so much fun getting to hang out with y’all and I know your wedding next year is going to be amazing (just like y’all!).
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