When it comes to being a photographer, what starts out at something that is fun, and exciting, and lights up our life; can quickly turn into something that sucks all the joy from your soul.
I know, that sounded dramatic, but I only say that because I’ve been there!
I know from my own experience that having a personal photography project can be the difference between getting enjoyment from picking up your camera, and dreading picking up your camera.

Why You Need a Personal Photography Project

Photography is a place of creativity, it’s not just a place of business (although it is definitely nice when we can have the two intermingle!). Try and always see it as something exciting, as something that we get to do, rather than something we have to do.

I get to be creative in my job!

Pick one day a month, just one day, where you go out and shoot for yourself.

Shoot differently that you would for clients, try different things than you would during a paid session. Then go home and edit those images differently and see what changing things up can accomplish!

Normally photograph landscapes? How about changing it up and going to take in the sights and sounds of a carnival?

Are you usually creating photos of people? Why not follow our lead and brush up on food photography?

Do you usually have a clean, bright airy edit?
Why not take a stab at trying to give the image a darker moodier feel.

I guarantee that doing these personal photography projects, you will absolutely bring that into your client workflow/experience, and that will elevate your brand and continue to help you become a better photographer!

personal photography project

Need Help Getting Out of Your Slump?

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