Oh my gosh, please tell me that I’m not the only one who feels like they blinked and September was over!!! It feels crazy that I’m sitting here writing my October monthly goals already… especially since that means that our wedding is NEXT MONTH (eeekkk!). But just because we’ve got all this wedding business going on, it doesn’t mean that real business stops. In fact, quite the opposite! We’re heading into the busy season for portrait photography and I am super excited about all the wonderful families that we’re getting ready to take pictures for!!!

monthly goals list

October is an awesome month around here because it’s when we really start getting into the fall season with cooler temperatures, we visit the pumpkin patch in Smithfield to have a family outing with my siblings every year, getting costumes ready for Halloween, and then (of course) getting ready for the holidays, which will be here way sooner than any of us would like!

January Goals List

October Monthly Goals

Personal Goals

  • Find a Halloween costume! This sounds like a silly thing, but since Eric has decided that our family is going to be dressing up as Star Wars characters, I’ve either got to be Princess Leia in a metal bikini or Princess Leia in a white robe… I’ll make sure to get lots of pictures of our group!
  • Wicked 10K Training – I’m not hitting it hard core like I wanted to, but I’m definitely doing more than nothing thanks to my awesome sister Stephanie. Here’s to just making it through the race!

Business Goals

  • Get people excited about Holiday Cards! There’s going to be a special offer for past clients, so be sure to check it out when the email gets sent.
  • Order new business cards with BOTH of our names on them (so exciting!)

That’s what is going on this month… what are YOU planning on doing with the month of October?!