There are so many ways you can market your photography business & gain clients – but what is the BEST way? Honestly, you (and the work you produce) are the best tool to market your work. Today we are going to chat about a few that can help improve your small business. This article is geared towards photographers, but can be applied to all small businesses.

Market Your Photography Business & Gain Clients

Get Out and Shake Some Hands

The fastest way to grow any business, hands down, is to get out there and meet people. Shake hands, kiss babies (or is it the other way around?). Look for other local businesses you can partner with. Can you work with an event planner company? Or find someone whose service compliments what you already offer? One partnering that I saw recently (that I thought was quite brilliant), was a photographer and baker working together. The photographer used the baker to make custom cookies to go in her welcome packet to brides. What a brilliant idea (honestly, a little jelly I didn’t think of it first!).

Only Post Your Best Work

And I mean, THE BEST. I would rather see five stellar images on your page, than 20 mediocre ones.

If you have ever taken a look at my Facebook business page (which you should definitely go and “like”), in all the albums, I have anywhere from 3-6 sneak peeks. No more. And the reason I do that is because I want to show the absolute BEST from each session online.

It’s Okay to Brag

I couldn’t more strongly recommend sharing when you get a testimonial from a client. We like to share online (like this post we did on Instagram), across a multitude of platforms. Don’t just limit what you’ve done to a single social media site, share it across all of them! Remember – referrals and positive reviews are one of your biggest assets!

Don’t Discount Yourself

If you don’t value yourself/your work, how will anyone else? Understand the value of your work, and the costs associated with creating it. Those costs include gear, travel, vehicle maintenance, insurance, editing, post-production, client interactions… the list goes on. Factor all that in and suddenly that $100 you made off a session isn’t looking so hot. If you are free or “cheap”, that’s how people will perceive your work.

And really, do you want to be known as the “cheap” photographer?

marketing your photography business

Pick a Charity

Choose to work with a charity that is near and dear to your heart, and donate your time to them. One. Treat them as you would a paying client, and make that the cause you rally behind.

We work with Operation Love Reunited, an organization that serves military families..

But most of all, if you want to be successful and market your photography business, there’s really a simple answer.

Believe in yourself and create work that you love.

Focus on Your Focus

Ever heard the term “Jack of all trades, master of none”?

It is really difficult (if not impossible) to do every type of photography well. Most established professionals tend to focus on one or two areas of photography. Focusing on fewer services makes it appear that you are a seasoned professional in your specific areas. If you do offer a wide variety of photography services, try separating them instead of throwing them all into one web page.

Blog Your Work

With every form of social media, the goal should always be to drive traffic to your website and book clients. Consistently blogging good content brings people to your website more frequently! Try to post regularly while also promoting those posts on social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to move those viewers to your website!


Have an awesome way to showcase your work. Not only through a static portfolio on WordPress or Instagram, but with documentation on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Video. Start a Vlog and How-To series and educate your audience. Doing so will give you the opportunity to build Exposure, Authority and Influence in this fast-paced digital space.

Need More Help to Market Your Photography Business?

We offer one on one mentoring to help with all your business needs, as well as put together free events for photographers. And you are always welcome to  { Contact Us } for anything you need – even if it’s just a friendly face to say you’re on the right track!


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