I say it all the time: you really have to make it a priority to get out there and spend some time lovin on the ones you love! Because otherwise, life happens:relationships begin (and end), a child is born, someone gets married, kids grown up, we all get older… and suddenly, before you know it, life has completely passed us by and we have no documentation of our lives or proof to show how much we loved!

extended family photos lovin on the ones you love all in the family family photos in the woods

Lovin on the Ones You Love

The last time I took pictures for this beautiful family, it was in 2013 and Julie’s oldest son Kyle was getting ready to go off to join the military. At that point, Julie was reacting as every parent does: a little relief, a little worry, and a whole lot of pride! And when he decided to get married and have a baby, this lady couldn’t have been happier to meet her first grandson!

military family photo military family photos black and white baby love lovin on the ones you love


Julie’s daughter Paige also came into town from Pennsylvania for the photo shoot, and to spend some much needed family time with everyone. Plus it was a great opportunity for her boyfriend Nick to get to know her family a little better as well (and we all know how difficult family can be, so thank goodness everyone gets along 🙂 )

snuggling with your love laughing with the one you love couples photos at sunset

Julie and Ray, thank you so much for allowing me to come and love on your growing family! It’s always a pleasure hanging out with your bunch, and I loved meeting all the new additions since the last time we took pictures! Can’t wait to see what the next set of family pictures holds in store for you guys!!!

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