City Photo ShootWhen it came to picking a location for their family session, Julie knew that she wanted to have a city photo shoot.
The background is so important when it comes to a photo shoot because that is what sets the tone for the images that are created. You would get different photos at a beach session than you would at a more formal location like Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
With the urban location that was chosen, the family got to be a little more relaxed and it created a chance for more genuine smiles and playful interaction!

Yellow Brick Wall Background


These pictures were especially important to Julie because a few days after they were taken, her son was leaving for boot camp! So we really enjoyed walking around downtown Portsmouth, exploring and looking for interesting backgrounds (I love all the different textures we were able to find!), and creating memories for the family to treasure.
Julie, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me for the afternoon, I had a great time getting to know you all and hope we are able to do it again (gotta get some pictures of your handsome your man in his new uniform 🙂 ).

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