I love blogging session where I know the families, it makes things more personal and I get to share little tidbits about them that I otherwise might not know! For instance, did you know that Tiffany and I have known each other longer than we haven’t known each other?! And Bob (her dad) is famous for making his own homemade jam? (seriously, it’s delish!) Do doing a big family photo shoot in their backyard by the lake made the most sense for this awesome family who were all together for a few days!


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By the Lake Family Session

Tiffany and I met many years ago in high school, and we were both crushing on the same guy. We both dated said guy, and both decided he wasn’t the one for us. But we loved each other, so we remained friends and have been through thick and thin in the past 16+ years! High school, college, marriage, children, divorce… Tiffany has been one of my truest friends, and is one of those 2am people for me. You know, those people you can call at 2am no matter what you need and they’ll be there for you? Yup, that’s Tiff.


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This photo session was done because Tiffany and her family recently got relocated to FL because of her work, so the Burrows family wanted to get some new pictures done. Since both of their daughters were in town (as well as both of their sweet grandsons!), it seemed like the perfect time! So Bob and Grace, thank you for your patience at the session, and for allowing us to come take pictures of your beautiful family! Kim, you and Daniel are flippin adorable and your little man has so much personality – he’s gonna be quite a handful when he gets older! Tiff and Tony, you guys know we love you and baby Q bunches and are SO GLAD that y’all are in our lives!


by the lake generations picture daddy's little girl by the lake photos by the lake


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