Even though the weather is getting cooler here in Hampton Roads, I still can’t seem to quite let go of summer. I know that most people don’t like the hot, sticky weather that the summer months bring, but I’ve always been a beach baby, and there’s not a whole lot that jumping in the ocean can’t cure! If you’re like me and are craving the warm summer sun on your face, then you’ll definitely appreciate this beachy senior session that Selena and Lily did in August.

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Beachy Senior Session

Selena and Lily have been friends for (what seems like) ages, they go to the same school, have some of the same friends, and do as much as they can together. These two lovelies are both going to be graduating with the class of 2016 and they both have big plans for the life they are planning to make for themselves.

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Selena and Lily, you two are some pretty awesome ladies and I am so happy that I got the chance to take some pictures for you ladies as you are getting ready to embark on such a wonderful time in your lives! I know that you two are going to be doing big things in the future and I wish you nothing but joy and success as you graduate high school and transition to college!

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