As small business owners, many of us have been relying on Facebook to get free advertising for many years now. I know that it has been huge for me in growing my fan base and letting more people see my work that otherwise wouldn’t have.
However, now that Facebook has changed their algorithms (yet again!), we are faced with the ever daunting task of trying to figure out how to reach fans on Facebook (no easy task!).

A few months ago, the awesome people over at Socially Stacked wrote an article about the face that organic reach has reached an all time low and gave suggestions for how to reach fans on Facebook now. I read it and thought it was a gold mine of information, so I’m sharing the full article, as well as my favorite tips. how to reach fans on Facebook

How To Reach Fans On Facebook
My Faves

Email Address Are Where it’s At!

I know, I know. No one wants to have their email spammed, but it’s important that your clients actually see what you’re putting out, and with FB reach down to 1-2% organic reach, it can be harder and harder to do that! Make sure you’re covering all your social media bases, but also don’t underestimate the power of sending out emails so you can share everything that’s been going on with your business and any specials you might be running.

Change Your Cover Photo

I’m super guilty of this, I had the same cover photo for ages, and then changed it for the first time recently. Even though I’m not 100% happy with how it looks, I just haven’t taken the initiative to revamp it again… (you can guess what’s going to be first on my to-do list this morning!) But the idea is that if you are constantly shooting, you are constantly improving, so make sure that new and prospective clients are seeing the best that you can do right off the bat.

Interact With Fans

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if someone comments on your page/photo/thread, comment back! (or at the very least, “like” their comment) Just something so that fans know there is an actual person behind the brand and what they say isn’t being lost in the void.

Schedule Posts

This has been SUCH an awesome feature and I take advantage of it as often as possible. For me, I try to share my blog post from my business page twice a day. I post it once in the morning, and then I schedule it to post again later that evening, usually around 8:15 (so now you know when to look for it 😉 ). It’s also great for weekends or times when you know you won’t be near your computer to keep your page active.

Have Fun

They shared this tip as the last one, but I think it should really be the first one! For us small business owners, we need to run a successful business, but didn’t we get into it originally because we loved what we do?! Find your joy, find something that makes you happy, and DO IT!!!