how to photograph couplesI really like being able to give back to the photography community! I am lucky enough to be able to make a living doing what I love, and love the fact that I get to teach classes and workshops at MOCA on pretty much any subject I can dream up (thanks for always being willing to try my crazy ideas Amanda!). But every so often, I like to hold a events where anyone can attend at no cost and come to learn and photograph. Thus, the “how to photograph couples” workshop came into being! how to photograph couples photography workshop learning to take pictures love to love you how to photograph couples couple in love

This how to photograph couples workshop was very informal. I am definitely one to go a bit overboard with powerpoint presentations, but since this event was “in the field”, I thought it would work better if things were a bit more informal and free flowing. couples engagement shoot how to photograph couples romantic couples photo shoot

I can NOT get over how incredibly sweet and romantic this picture is of Camila and Nelson!

Once everyone had arrived and our fabulous couples were ready to go, I gathered everyone together and gave a quick rundown of what I do at a typical photo shoot. From arriving early to scope out the location, to making the couples feel more at ease, to ensuring I get images that will please both the client and I, and that fit with my style of photography. couple laughing and having fun

If you can find someone to laugh with, everything else is details, because laughter is the best medicine! 
couples engagement shoot outdoor couples photo shoot sunset photo shoot

The way she is looking at him, you can’t help but feel the deep, soulful connection these two have!photography workshop engagement photo shoot

When I had finished chatting and demonstrating with my first two couples, I broke the big group up (about 30 photographers) into four smaller groups and had them all take pictures with a different couple. Then, after about 15 minutes of each group working with their models, we would rotate and everyone got a different couple to work with. I bounced between groups, offering advise if it were requested or suggestions on how to improve something that was being tried.
All in all, I think it was an awesome experience and I am so happy with the outcome! Thank you to all the photographers who came out to hear what I had to say, as well as the fabulous couples who came out to play! romantic couples photo how to photograph couples

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