After weeks of planning, an amazing (and fun!) photo session, and a few days of anxious waiting (aren’t those pictures done yet?!), your photographer finally gives you a call to say that your photos are ready for viewing! Yay!!! Now it’s time to meet together and look over your images with the photographer; definitely not as scary as it sounds! I’ve got some tips to for how to make the most of your viewing session with Fresh Look Photography so you can get in and out, ordering exactly what you want!

How to Make the Most of Your Viewing Session

Fresh Look PhotographyCheck Out Our Pricing Guide

This is a handy dandy list that we give all of our clients so that they can be informed when they are getting ready to place an order at their viewing session.
It lists all of our individual print prices as well as (my personal favorites!) the gallery wrapped canvas pricing. Anyone who’s ever done a viewing session with me has seen that I’m really passionate about canvas prints and how gorgeous they can look in your home 😀
I think that everyone should have at least one hanging in their house (I go a little overboard, but don’t let that scare you 😉 )
If you are interested in ordering a custom print package or canvas wall groupings, we have those options as well!



what to do with your picturesSpace Out

Now is a great time to break out a tape measure to get a more accurate idea of the space you have to work with for hanging pictures. Look at a few spaces in your home where you would like to put prints, a canvas or even a collection. Measure the space and then jot down the dimensions and bring them to your ordering session! Think about what the purpose of your photo shoot is – new family picture to go over the fireplace? Updated gallery to go up the stairs in your home? This can make a big difference when it comes to what you end up ordering.



make a listMake A List, Check It Twice

Another thing about how to make the most of your viewing session is to make a list of people that you will be ordering products for (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc). I suggest creating a list of canvas/pictures that you want for yourself, and then another list of pictures you would like to get for other people.





make an announcementAnnouncements!

If you are interested in having a custom announcement created, please make sure to bring all the pertinent information for each type of card, and this will vary depending on what type of announcement you are ordering (baby, senior graduation, wedding, thank you, etc). If in doubt about what information will be needed, always feel free to ask your photographer prior to the viewing session.



And at any point, if you have questions or are unclear on something, feel free to let us know so we can be sure to answer them for you!