There is so much more to your brand shoot than showing up in a cute outfit and smiling at the camera. That is why we are sharing our top tips for how to have a successful brand photoshoot.

Obviously we want to create some amazing images, but there are other goals as well:

  • increased confidence
  • attracting your ideal client
  • being seen as the industry expert
  • raising your prices (yasss queen!)
  • increasing the know, like and trust factor

So let’s dive in and chat about how you can make this the best session ever!


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How to Have a Successful Brand Photoshoot

1) Location, Location Location

Lighting, space, and layout are so important when it comes to planning your personal branding photoshoot.

There are lots of important aspects to consider, which is why we will work together to pick the perfect spot.

Beautiful, natural lighting will give you incredible, stunning images. But even if we don’t have that – I’ll bring the light to make it work.

We can pick somewhere that has lots of space to move around, and create a variety of indoor/outdoor looks.


2) Bringing the Look Together

Wardrobe, hair, and makeup can elevate your look and make you feel like a total rockstar!

Whether or not it’s “your thing”, I promise you will look like a million bucks and it will boost your confidence through the roof.

Having a professional lend their expertise can also take some of the stress off your shoulders so that when our photoshoot arrives, you can just sit back and be pampered.

Consulting with a wardrobe stylist is another great idea as they can help you find clothing that accentuates your beauty and draws the eye exactly where you want it to go.


3) Planning for Success

What do you want to say with these photos? Where are you looking to use the images we create? What is the ideal feel: light and bright, dark and moody, joyful and fun?

Planning is an essential step in having a successful photoshoot.

The goal is to make sure we are crafting a kick-awesome session that will have a positive impact on your business (and make you some money!).

I want to make sure we have all the necessary ingredients to tell your story and attract your ideal clients.


4) Props

Let’s start thinking about colors, brand words, textures, etc.

Props are a really fun part of the photoshoot, but make sure that everything you bring has a purpose.

The colors should complement your branding, anything with words should be something that aligns with your business, and textures can ad a bit of fun.

Think about how you can use props, funky jewelry/shoes, or plants to infuse pops of color into your photos.


5) Preparation is Key

Get in the right headspace, prepare physically, and make sure that you are properly packed.

And I promise not to judge you if you show up with a giant suitcase for your session!

Make sure you have packed efficiently: group all of your outfits together (including shoes, jewelry, accessories) as well as any props associated with each outfit.

For the day of the shoot, delegate tasks, set your “out of office” notice, and get in the zone.

This is an investment in your business – give it all you’ve got!


6) A Rockin’ Playlist

Look for something that is powerful, fun, and is really gonna get you pumped up!

We all know that music can influence your mood – so let’s get the party started.

Create a playlist that will get you out of your head and into the groove.

Be in the moment, soak it all in, shake your booty, and let’s have some fun.


7) Rest Up

In the days before our photoshoot, make sure to get plenty of rest and nourish your body.

This includes drinking plenty of H2O so that you are hydrated!

Branding sessions require a lot of energy, so it’s really important that you carve out time to take care of yourself.

This session is also a great reason to treat yourself to a little extra pampering – you deserve it!


8) Authenticity

Be yourself – this is the best piece of advice I can give you!

Nobody wants to be seen as stiff or awkward, allowing yourself to be genuine/fun/goofy will ensure amazing photos.

Plus, when it comes to stopping the scroll on social media: unique content is what will do the job!

We can take pretty shots all day (and we definitely will), but if you want to stand out then let’s think outside of the box.

The most important thing is to have fun and remember that we are going to have the best time taking photos together!