You might recognize a familiar face in today’s entrepreneur headshots.

Okay – you got me – these are my headshots!

My favorite photography pal Gari-Ann (with The Kia and Co) and I headed to Richmond VA for a day of content creation.

And when the two of us get together, you know fun schenegains will ensue!

The two of us started at Contrast RVA, then moseyed over to the Quirk Hotel.

Which – if you haven’t had a chance to visit that place yet – go!!!

Not only does it have some pretty amazing architecture and unique artwork, the hotel has so much pink!!!


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Entrepreneur Headshots at the Quirk Hotel Richmond

One of the questions that comes up most often in my line of work is: “what do I wear?”

I did a whole blog talking about what to wear for your personal branding session, but the short answer is whatever you feel great in!

Are there colors in your brand that you can incorporate into the session?

Is there a “typical” outfit that your clients would see you in?

It is also just as important to know what colors do not work for you.

Most photographers will tell you to stay away from patterns/loud colors, but if you look at my photos – that’s practically all that I am wearing!

Bottom line is: whatever you choose to wear, make sure it fits your brand is screams YOU!


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