When it comes to pledging your love at that oh so imperative moment on your wedding day, chances are you will make promises like “I will love you until the stars grow cold”, or “you complete me in a way nothing else ever has.” Or maybe you even pull out the “sun, moon and stars” line… I’m not judging. But if we were to write honest wedding vows, I think they would sound a little different – don’t you?

My wedding vows to Eric were definitely a little sentimental and sappy, but I’d like to think I kept it real enough. If you want, check out our vows to each other (as well a peek into our wedding photos) check out this link.

honest wedding vows

Honest Wedding Vows

Here are some honest wedding vows that couples can make to each other on their wedding day. A little humor peppered with some truths that anyone who’s been married for a while can appreciate 🙂

  1. I promise to love you, even when you are hangry (because we all know you’re not you when you’re hungry!)
  2. I promise to admit when you are right – no matter how much it hurts my pride.
  3. I promise to always be your navigator – as long as you will actually listen to the directions I give when we’re driving.
  4. I promise that I’ll never say “wherever you want” when you ask me “where should we go to eat”.
  5. I promise to actually listen to what you are saying, not just wait for you to stop talking so I can offer a rebuttal.
  6. I promise that I will not keep constantly asking “what just happened” or “who is that” when we are watching a movie… especially one that neither of us has seen!
  7. I promise not to get annoyed when you forget things that I tell you – even if you swear that I didn’t tell you (even though I did).
  8. I promise to still grab your butt – even when we get old.
  9. I promise not to watch Game of Thrones without you!
  10. I promise to always give you a bite of whatever I order when we go to a restaurant (because I usually pick better)
  11. I will always send you silly texts and random love quotes to remind you how special you are to me.
  12. I promise to always be your biggest cheerleader – to recognize your strengths and potential, even when you can’t.
  13. I promise to never keep score (even though if we were, I would be totally winning!)


Now that you have our list of honest wedding vows, hopefully it will help spark your creative soul so you can go write your own personalized vows for your wedding day!

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