hello julyAs of this morning, we are officially half way through 2015… I’ll give you a moment to let that sink and and ask yourself where the heck this year has gone! But nevertheless, it’s time to say goodbye June and hello July as we welcome the new month (and the beginning of the hottest time of the year).

Here are some things to look forward to this month:

July 1st – Canada Day (go hug an Canook today!)

July 4th – Independence Day (let freedom ring!!!)

July 14th – Bastille Day (Vive la France!)

July 29th – National Lasagna Day (as an Italian, this is something I can get behind!)

National Ice Cream Month

January Goals List

Hello July!

Personal Goals

  • Get back on East Coast time once I get back from Spain (which is 6 hours ahead of VA!)
  • Delve into the book club (this month’s book Rabbits in the Garden was awesome!!!)

Business Goals

  • Weddings! Continue to provide amazing wedding coverage for all of our couples this month
  • Start working on “The Mission” so we can reveal the next big thing for Fresh Look Photography!
  • Set up our third annual Free Headshot Swap for local photographers!