We are sharing some of our best beach photoshoot tips so that your next session is simply amazing!

Warmer weather has us all dreaming about creating beautiful photos with a beach background.

Sometimes it can be stressful to get everything ready for your photoshoot, but it doesn’t have to be – I promise!

Read on to discover our best beach photo shoot tips and tricks so that y’all can have the best session ever.


beach photo shoot tips

beach photo shoot silly beach pictures

Beach Photo Shoot Tips

Timing Is Everything

Lighting at the beach can be extremely harsh, and often makes for unflattering pictures.

(seriously – nobody likes squinty eyes look)

Choosing to schedule your session during the golden hour is always my recommendation for the best lighting!

Typically we will find this type of lighting first thing in the morning or about an hour before the sun is setting.

Not only will the lighting be soft and more flattering, it won’t be as hot, and there are usually less people on the beach at those times.


little girl on the beach beach photo shoot tips


During the Session

Clients will always receive about an hour of photography time, but if it’s especially hot (hello August!), then the kiddos might not last that long.

I always start by getting a really solid family photo of the whole crew.

After that we can take pictures of just the kids, then give them a break and photograph mom and dad, then mom and dad with the kids (separately) and ending with one last family photo.

Bring a towel, because my vote will always be for a fun photo in the water!

Keep in mind that usually anything with kids involved should be gotten out of the way first – especially if they are younger.


under the pier

taking fun beach pictures


Bright and Colorful

Clients will always receive sample photo shoot locations and ideas for what to wear.

If they ever ask for suggestions as to what colors to wear, I always recommend something bright and colorful!

Pinks, teals, purples, blues, greens… these colors all look AWESOME set against the sand!

And nothing says that you have to be matchy matchy with what you wear. Just remember, your outfits should flow together, but they don’t necessarily have to match.

When we did photos with my family (parents, siblings, grandkids), we all wore various shades of blue/teal and gray. It ended up looking STUNNING (if I do say so myself!).


Variety is the Spice of Life

While yes, the beach is beautiful on it’s own, having some variety in your photos is always nice.

Your photographer should be able to suggest a place that not only has a beautiful ocean view, but can also include other things:

  • Pylons Under the Pier
  • Beach Grass
  • Dunes
  • Sitting on a Blanket in the Sand
  • Splashing in the Water

Not only does this give you visual interest in photos, but also allows for variety in the types of images that we are able to capture.


siblings on the beach

brothers and friends

brothers and sister


Best Way to Get Kids to Cooperate

Why, bribery of course!


After playing on the beach during your photoshoot, it is very refreshing to get some ice cream or a slurpee (my kids preferred after-beach treat) to cool down.

You could also bring a towel and change of clothes and let the kiddos play in the water for a few minutes.

For during the session, fruit snacks or teddy grahams are also a great option to keep kiddos happy!


Have Fun!

Too often people want to capture that “picture perfect” shot of their family.

(you know, the one that’s gonna be hanging on Grandma’s wall)

But is that really your family?

It will be way more exciting to be authentic and genuine and have fun during your photo shoot.

This can look a little different for everyone, but the bottom line is: Don’t be afraid to be silly together!

Jump in the air, make a silly face, strike a crazy pose – the possibilities are endless when it comes to having fun, and those will be some of your favorite photos!


Ready to Schedule Your Beach Photo Shoot?!

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