The Fresh Look Elite – we’re kind of like kick-awesome ninjas, except with better fashion sense!

Today we’re announcing our private training program for those photographers who are ready to take their business to the next level.

I’ll be honest with you: today I’m talking about an opportunity for 5 kick-awesome photographers to grow their business and make 2017 their best year ever! So you can stop reading if you make the amount of money that you feel you need. Close out of this browser if you are content with the number of sessions you’re booking. Click back over to Facebook if you’re perfectly happy with where things currently stand and wouldn’t change a thing about your business.

Still reading?

Okay, now ask yourself: Is Your Business Ready for a Fresh Start in 2017?

But even more important, are you ready to do WHATEVER it takes to make your business successful?

I don’t mean a half-assed start, or one where you start January 1st with all these amazing goals and aspirations, but come February 1st, it’s back to the same crap that wasn’t working before.
I’m talking about getting together with a small group of people each month to focus on specific things that you can do to improve your work, concrete things to take action on, with handouts, sparkly notebooks, and a real plan for where to go from here!


fresh look elite


If You’re Ready to Join Fresh Look Elite, Here Are the Details:

What This Course Is

  • Hard work – you’re going to be putting a lot of time and effort into improving your business
  • Exclusive – this is being limited to 5 individuals to maintain the open, intimate atmosphere
  • 3 months of intensive training to help you jumpstart your business.
  • 3 group meetings to promote a sense of community and sharing
  • 3 individual meetings to help fine tune what it is that you need
  • 3 Skype/Facetime sessions to make sure you are following through with your aspirations
  • Setting attainable goals – 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, etc.
  • Inspiring Notebooks/Folders to jot down ideas and store all the awesome handouts
  • Professional Headshot for you to use in your business
  • Fun! This is a big one because I firmly believe that we should do what we love and have fun while we’re at it!!!

What This Course Isn’t

  • An easy button or shortcut – you will get out of it exactly what you put into it
  • Spoon Feeding – I’m going to give you the tools, but it’s up to you to actually use them

Sound Like This Is What You’ve Been Looking For?

Again, I’m only opening this to 5 people, so if you are interested in getting more information and being part of the Fresh Look Elite, then just drop me a line for more information and we will get rocking and rolling!
These classes will take place on Wednesday and start in February, so don’t waste time, reserve your space today!


Listen to What Past Participants Had to Say:

“Being a part of this business workshop with Judith was absolutely eye-opening. I had some major life-changing light bulb moments like, “organization is the key to success”. That applies to life in general, not just my business. With her accountability I was able to finally set my goals, with clear objectives and start my path to a more prosperous year. Key elements such as, “don’t just set goals…make them specific with a definite deadline” have truly helped me. Especially when I am discouraged with progress. Judith is also open, friendly, and approachable with any questions. I would seek her out for mentor-ship any day of the week”.

~ Kat Fulgencio Photography


“Fresh Look Elite was a great experience for me. I have been considering a business in portrait photography, but have not started one yet. I was not sure if I should take the workshop at first, but I am very glad that I did. I learned a lot about what I would need to do to start my business and market it. I also learned that I may need to hire out some things, like accounting. If you already own a business, this workshop is a great way to learn how to make it better. Although it is focused on a photography business, the techniques and practices you learn can benefit any business venture. In this day and age, selling your business is all about technology, and this is covered in the workshop as well. I would definitely recommend it for photographers as well as anyone wanting to start a business. I am so glad I learned this information before I even got started!”

~ Angie H.