Big things are coming because we’re gearing up for all the awesomeness that is Fresh Look Learning! Today we’re sharing a list of 2017 photography events… well photography events for the first quarter of 2017 anyway!


2017 Photography Events

2017 photography eventsCoffee and Camera’s – A Match Made in Heaven

Let’s all get together and talk about photography over a cup of coffee!
Our discussion topics will vary each month, we’ll talk about gear, shooting ideas and ideas to get your trigger finger going!

We’re announcing three different dates for this free social event, I tried to spread them out over different dates, times and locations so it would give everyone a chance to participate:

January 24th @ 10:30amCafe Moka (5705 Lynnhaven Pkwy #108, Virginia Beach, VA 23464)

February 15th @1pm – Kemps River Starbucks (1390 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23464)

March 23rd @ 11am – 3 Ships Coffee Roasters (607 19th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451)

Feel free to join us for one or all of these events. There is no limit on the number of photographers who are able to participate in these events, the more the merrier!


11th Street TaphousePhotographing Cocktails

This event will take place on Friday, February 24th at 7pm at the Fresh Look Studio. We will do a brief lecture on tips and tricks for photographing different tasty drinks, then we’ll have a professional bartender making drinks for us to take pictures of in different lighting setups.

As the event gets closer we will send out more information to help attendees make the most of this awesome event.

There will be a $10 fee to reserve each spot and cover materials. The event is limited to 10 students.


Steampunk Photo Shoot

We are working with local models as well as the Steampunk group here in Hampton Roads to make this AMAZING. We are still working out dates for this event (partially based on the awesome venue we choose), but it is planned for late March/early April. More details will be released once we have ironed everything out.


Business of Photography & IPS Basics

These are two separate classes that will be held on two different dates:

  • Business of Photography – March 7th @ 7:30pm
  • Getting Started with In Person Sales (IPS) – March 15th @ 7:30pm

The business class is ideal for anyone who is looking to start their photography business the right way, or for those who are just starting out and need a little more guidance.

Getting started with IPS is more suited to those who have an established business already, are shoot and burn photographers, and are looking to make the switch to selling wall art/heirloom albums to their clients after the portrait session.

There is no fee for these awesome events, but we will be limited to 10 people each class.


But Wait, There’s MORE!

I know, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!!!

Tomorrow we will be making an announcement about our Fresh Look Elite group that is forming next month.

It isn’t for everyone (there are only 5 spots available!), and it isn’t going to be easy.

We will be taking those 5 photographers and helping them mold and shape their business into a well oiled, kick-awesome, money making machine of amazingness!


Then you’ll just have to come back tomorrow morning to get all the details!


We hope that you are able to make it to at least one of these 2017 photography events and we can’t wait to see you!

To sign up for any of these classes or to get more information, feel free to use the Contact Me button and shoot us a message, or give us a call at 757-749-5350.


If you are interested in getting one on one help, we offer one on one lessons to cover anything your little heart desires when it comes to photography, business, or who makes the best latte! You can check out all that we offer on our Education Page!