fall mini shootsRain, rain and more rain. That was the forecast for both days I was supposed to do fall mini shoots this year. Since they were taking place outside, there was nothing else I could do but reschedule them to the following week. Boo! But it turns out, it was worth the wait because the weather for the rescheduled days turned out to be much nicer and we were able to capture some great images of many, many adorable kiddos! But it’s nice when I get to use my talents to bless my family and take pictures for them, so I was excited to do fall photos for my brother Aaron and his sweet little family! fall mini shoots family mini sessionIt was actually a bit of a fluke that Aaron was here when we were taking pictures, he was supposed to be at work, but had to grab something from Stephanie. I figured that since he was here anyway, lets take a minute and grab some pictures of him with the kiddos! fall mini photo shoots brother and sister loveOne of my favorite memories of fall was getting to rake up all the leaves and then making a leaf pile to play in (or jump in). I remember sitting cocooned in my little leaf nest and grabbing a handful of leaves and throwing them up in the air, thinking that it was “snowing” leaves. So when Keira and Dominic were over, I grabbed a handful of leaves and had them throw them up as well… I love how into it Dominic got! He definitely went for the gusto 🙂 fall mini shoots beauty of fallAll of the gorgeous colors are just one more reason I love fall! Thank you Stephanie and Aaron for letting me capture you and your babies during this fun time of the year! fall family photos