I am so stoked to be sharing our fall 2019 Photography workshops!

whoot whoot!

We are doing three separate events, and want you (yes YOU) to come join us!

No matter where you are in your photography journey, we would love to help.

Check out all the fun we’ve got coming up soon!


Fall 2019 Photography Workshops

cameras and cocktails

Camera’s & Cocktails

Do you have a big, fancy camera but are still using it in Auto?
Nervous because you don’t know how to use Manual settings?
Do you want to take better pictures of your kids/pets/nature/pet rock collection (there’s no judgment here!)?
Then you have GOT come to Cameras and Cocktails!

This 2 hour class will be in an intimate event where we can enjoy wine, chocolates, and learn about shooting in Manual mode!

We will chat about camera basics, different types of gear you can use, and demystify ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. That way you can change these settings to create the image that you envision.

Class size will be limited to 8 participants in order for everyone to get the most the of our time together.

So Are you sitting there nodding to yourself thinking, “YES! This is exactly what I’ve been searching for!”

Here are all the details, along with how you can sign up:

When: Monday, September 30th @ 6:30pm

Where: Fresh Look Photography Studios, Virginia Beach

Cost: $65 a person due upon signup


Coffee and Camera meetupsCoffee & Camera’s – A Match Made in Heaven

At these fun Meetups, local photogs get together and talk about photography over a cup of coffee!

Our discussion topics will vary each month: we’ll talk about gear, shooting tips, and ideas to get your trigger finger going!

This is a chance for you to come out, meet someone new, and chat all things camera.

When – Wednesday, September 25th at 10am

Where – Town Center Cold Pressed

Cost – Free to attend, coffee/snacks is purchased on your own.


Learn How to Flat Lay Like a Pro

What’s the secret to flat lay images that really pop?

It’s not a DSLR camera.

You can take gorgeous flatlays with your cell phone. I’ll show you how!

Join us and learn exactly what goes into taking your own Instagram-worthy photos for your brand.

The first part of the workshop will be a lesson on the foundations of how to style, light, photograph, and edit great flatlays. Then you’ll get an hour of hands-on practice where you can style and photograph your own photos with the help of a trained eye.

There will be a flat lay styling bar which will include flowers, greenery, office essentials, ribbons, geometric shapes, etc. that you’re welcome to utilize. And you’re invited to bring your own accessories, products, and tchotchkes that match your brand aesthetic.

This is a great class no matter if you are using a DSLR Camera or your cell phone – we will show you how to utilize both in order to create amazing images!

Class Topics:

  • Lighting (Natural Light/Reflector)
  • Composition
  • Theme and Color Story
  • Props/Backgrounds
  • Photographing Your Flat Lay
  • 5 Ways To Style Your Flat Lay
  • Hands On Time

Snag your spot, and let’s start creating stunning flat lays!

When: Thursday, October 3rd @ 6:30pm

Where: Fresh Look Photography Studios, Virginia Beach

Cost: $65 a person due upon signup (limit of 6 people)


flat lay stock photography


How Can I Attend?!

If you want to attend any or all of these fall 2019 photography workshops, hooray!

Please use the { Contact Me form } here on the website, or drop us an email directly at Hello@JudithsFreshLook.com.

Reservations will be made on a first come first served basis.

Can’t wait to make some magic with you!


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