For most couples, no matter how long you’ve been together, it seems to get harder and harder to not only make time for, but also come up with unique date night ideas! I mean, we’ve all done the classic “dinner and a movie” night out, but what about doing something a little outside the box?
Take a minute and picture the craziest date night your can! (hang gliding off the cliffs of the Himalayas?!) While that may be a little too extreme for most people, here are some more manageable date night ideas for you to try next time you set time apart with your sweetie!

date night ideasDate Night Ideas

Local Sporting Events

There might be a sport you’re both into, but even if you two aren’t sports nuts, attending a hometown game for your local team is a lot of fun! Personally, I love going to see the Norfolk Admirals when they play hockey, it’s always fun to go out and root for the local team!

Go For Ice Cream (Bonus points if it’s FroYo!)

If you’ve got kids, this may not seem like a super special date, but when was the last time you went out with your significant other for ice cream?! It’s fun to get ice cream and sit in the shop or take it outside and sit in the parking lot talking (remember when you did that as teenagers?!). Plus, if you do frozen yogurt, you can have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative/unique use of toppings!

 Take a Drive

Obviously suited for warmer weather, but there is nothing more freeing that being able to head out for a lazy drive with the windows down and the music up. Make it a rule that neither of you will be dinking around on your cell phones so that you can spend time really connecting together.

romantic date nightEnjoy Art

Visit a local art gallery together and take in some of the local (or national) art your community has to offer! Here in Hampton Roads we’ve got a bunch of local art scenes, some of the top being the Chrysler Museum, Virginia MOCA, d’Art Center (I could go on!). Most of these places are free, or only require a small donation.

Challenge Each Other

Whether it’s to a friendly game of pool or seeing who can suck the least at the nearest bowling alley, a little friendly competition is always fun! You can make it more enticing by placing a bet where the loser has to do one thing that’s been agreed on beforehand (you can get creative with this one!).

Winery/Brewery Tour

Again, I’m all about local love, and we’ve got Virginia’s first urban winery here in Norfolk (Mermaid Winery), as well as many craft beer breweries (Smartmouth Brewing, O’Connor Brewing Company, etc).

Need More Inspiration?

Check out these date night ideas from for more unique ideas and things you can try the next time the two of you go out (or even decide to stay in for the evening!) romantic dates