Carnival pinup sessionI’ve learned that I have a problem saying no.
Not that it’s a bad thing, because I genuinely like being able to help people and take on a lot of work, but sometimes it bites me in the butt and I just can’t seem to get my act together!
Thankfully, this carnival pinup session wasn’t one of those times (although it almost was!). What was supposed to be a photo trade for a session with Eric and I and another photographer couple sounded like a great idea to take place two days after we moved into our new house… Let me tell you, that was NOT smart planning on my end! vintage photo shoot gangster girl carnival pinup session

I love how glamorous Tiana looks agains all these lights!
pinup girl fun at the carnival

When Meghan (one of the gorgeous gals behind Pinup D’Lite Magazine) suggested we head out and do a carnival pinup session, I was all about photographing something a little different! Tiana, Meghan and I had a great time walking around the carnival, being heckled by the carnival workers, and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells that can only be found at a carnival. pin up photography

Meghan has the perfect face for pinup, can’t get enough of this retro beauty!Carnival pinup session pinup girls playing at the carnival carnival pinup session

This was definitely a fun experience and I can’t wait to do more fun sessions like these in the future! Even though I specialize in weddings and families, I’m always looking for fun ways to flex my creative muscle. Let me know if you have ideas for different sessions you want to try 🙂 pin up photogrpahy

As the sun went down, we were able to see more of the gorgeous lights that make the carnival so colorful!sunset at the carnival pinup girl