If you are trying to break into the industry, there are so many things to take into account. Gear, location, specialty, licensing, insurance… But do you know what one of the biggest problems photographers face is?

It’s not having the newest camera to photograph with.

It’s not photographing in the newest venues.

It’s not keeping yourself inspired…

So What IS the Biggest Problem Photographers Face?

I believe that the biggest problem photographers face is being able to stand out in a sea of other photographers.

The bar has been raised so high when it comes to photography, that simply taking “good pictures” isn’t enough anymore.

It is expected that you can take amazing pictures… now what else do you have to offer?

And in today’s visually driven world of gorgeous pictures all over Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest… it’s almost like clients are being desensitized to the images they see.

Think about it: how quickly do you scroll through your Insta feed? You might pause for a half a second, but then move on to the next picture.

Then think about how much effort you put into creating an amazing image.
How excited you get posting it on social media.
How much anticipation you have for how people will react…. and then how little time the average person takes to appreciate it.

So what do you do to differentiate yourself and be recognized as THE photographer that people want to work with?

It goes back to your WHY (and if you haven’t read Start With Why by Simon Sinek, go do it right meow!)

Why do you get up in the morning?

Why do you do what you do?

Once you’ve figured out your WHY, now you’ve got to decide what makes you different!

What is it that you can give clients, that no one else can?

This is how we separate ourselves from other photographers:

Having your photos taken isn’t something that you should dread! We believe that if it’s not fun, then we shouldn’t be doing it.
And if it’s something that we have to do, how can we make it fun?  This philosophy has made it so easy to connect with clients and create those real, genuine, authentic, joyful images!  We specialize in taking awesome portraits of people who don’t like having their pictures taken, and guarantee a great time!

Most people reading that blurb on our website are going to think, I don’t like having my picture taken. Maybe it will be a good experience to take pictures with Judith and Eric?!

I challenge you – take 10 minutes and think about your WHY and what makes you different!

Why should clients choose YOU over someone who can (basically) do the same thing?

What are you bringing to the table (besides your kick awesome pictures)?

We’d love to have you share your answer and let us know what you come up with!

We would love to help you out in your photographic journey and make it happen! Fresh Look Photography offers private mentoring to help with any aspect of running your business, and we’d love to chat with you! Feel free to drop a comment below or click the { Contact Me } button and we will get rocking and rolling!