I’d love to start out by saying that you can be the best client ever by not being a crazy person…

But that’s very socially acceptable (and I doubt it would actually help brides!)

So instead, we’ve got ways you can be awesome.

Well… more awesome than you already are of course!

Today we are sharing two things you can do pre-wedding, and two things you can do afterwards that will make you a rockstar client!


Be the Best Client Ever to Your Wedding Vendors

1) Honor Appointments

I get it, you’re busy planning the best day of your life. There are so many things taking up your time and energy, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks.

However, know that our time is just as valuable as yours, and really try to honor appointments that you’ve made.

We totally get it!

Stuff comes up! You get busy, forget, whatever the case… just be open in your communication and let us know what’s going on.

2) Negotiate Respectfully

We’re selfish, we all want to have it both ways.
We want to get what we want from negotiations, but still walk away with our relationship intact.

The good news is: this is totally possible!

We know that you’ve got a lot of things stressing you about your wedding – we don’t want to be one of those things!

Let us help make your life easier by presenting you and your fianceé with different options.

I promise we will find a solution that makes everyone happy!

wedding day timeline

3) Give Credit on Social Media

Wanna know how to make us love you forever?!

Then please (for the love of sweet baby gebus!) credit your vendors on social media!

We know you are so stinking excited to show off all that wedding gorgeousness – we made it, we know how awesome the photos are!

But it would mean the world to us if you remember to tag us on social media!

We promise to love you forever!

4) Review and Recommend

For us at Fresh Look Photography, word of mouth and referrals from past clients are the best!

(for real, whenever you refer us, we do a magical little happy dance and throw confetti)

We love hearing that you had an awesome experience and would LOVE it if you could take a moment and give us a 5-star review on Google by clicking on this link.

By sharing your experience, you are letting prospective couples who might hire us that we are pretty kick awesome and would be great to work with.

wedding day survival kit

Love What You See? Want to Chat About YOUR Wedding?!

If you’re looking at this blog on how to be the best client ever and are thinking to yourself – I want you to come photograph my wedding! Awesome!!!

We would LOVE to create a custom wedding package for you and the ones you love!

Feel free to message us by hitting the { CONTACT ME } button or give us a ring at 757-749-5350.

Can’t wait to create some magic for y’all!

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