Oh my gosh, can it already be time for back to school 2018?!

The crazy rush to get outfits picked, and kids madly shoving school supplies into backpacks told me that yes, it was time.

(wait, you mean my kids are the only ones who wait until the last minute?!)

Here we are, another first day of school on the books.

I mean, I can’t be the only one celebrating a tiny bit… right?

We made it guys!!!


sweet little panda princess heading back to school Justice Panda backpack

Back to School 2018

I swear, it’s getting harder and harder to take pictures of my kiddos.

Especially on the first day of school, because (according to my 7th grader) it is “so early”(just look at his crabby face)

I’m sorely tempted to tell him – just wait till you have a real job bro!

But we accomplished our mission and got photos of all three of our kids.

Mara is the youngest, and is headed into 4th grade.

She is loving life, and is super excited for school to be back in session. She’s our resident nerd, and is so adorable!

Mara decided that this year she was going to go with a panda theme. That means that her backpack, lunchbox, pencil cases… (you get the idea) are all panda.

Daddy was all about it because he loves pandas too!


Our boys are both in middle school again this year. Wesley is top dog in 8th grade, Jett is right behind him in 7th.

Wesley was hoping to take French this year (parlez vous francais?). But there was a schedule change with the school, and he wasn’t able to take that class. So now he is going to be learning Spanish (olé!).

Jett has decided that he wants to take up wrestling… but I’m not sure how mommy feels about that. I guess we will see what happens when tryouts get posted!


grouchy middle school boy goofing off with your brother handsome 8th grade boy acting goofy in front of the camera


We do these posts every year, so feel free to check out photos from 2017, and photos from 2016.

It’s crazy to see how much the kids have grown up!

But no matter how big they get, these three will always be my babies.


silly kids on the first day of school