There are lots of things that should be on this list (an extra battery, lots of memory cards, your favorite lip gloss ūüėČ ), but this list of 3 things every photographer should own is just things that have made my life more fun or allowed me to do a better job as a photographer. It is my hope that it inspires you¬†to think about things that would help out in YOUR¬†photography!

3 Things Every Photographer Should Own

3 things every photographer should ownA Camera Strap with Personality

I’m a big fan of My Funky Strap, I own this one: Whimsy Bloom Spring. I have had this strap for years (literally since 2011!) and it has held up like a champ!!! I once had someone tell me that¬†no one would take me seriously as a photographer if I used a girly camera strap, I promptly told them thank you for the opinion, but if someone was going to judge my photographic abilities based on me camera strap, I don’t think I would want them as a client!
Ladies, do NOT let anyone ever look down on you because of the camera you use, or the lens your rockin, or the “girly” camera strap you are using. Your work will speak for itself!

3 things every photographer should ownPrime Lens

Most photographers start out¬†preferring not to use prime lenses because they can feel limiting, and there is more freedom in using a zoom lens to “get the shot.” However, as you move forward in your photography journey, you will come to love (and I mean LOVE) your prime lenses!!! I started out with all zoom lenses, and now I’m mostly a prime lens shooter! Prime lenses have a lot of things to love, like their amazingly, tack sharp images, or the super low F-stop you can get (as low as 1.2!), plus the super dreamy bokeh you can get, all make prime lenses top notch!

Fresh Look PhotographyLens Pen

The lens pen has been so awesome for cleaning my camera lens of fingerprints, dust, dirt and more and it actually works very well! You can use the brush to carefully swipe the front or back lens clean of dust, particles and other smaller loose debris and after that you use the tip on the other side of the pen to remove grease, fingerprints or other basic stains. You can usually get them online relatively inexpensively, or at a local camera shop.

So that’s my list!

There are 3 things that every photographer should have in their camera bag (in my humble opinion ūüėČ ).
How about you?
What is something that you couldn’t live without using all the time?! Leave a comment below to let us know!