I’ve done a bunch of photo shoots for Kevin and Jen, but it was quite an honor to photograph their 1st anniversary shoot last week! In today’s disposable society, where we see everything as replaceable and nothing is made to last anymore; it’s very refreshing to see couples who are committed to each other and sticking it out for the long haul!


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Kevin and Jen’s Story

In Jen’s own words, here is the story of how these two lovebirds met: “we meet at a Christmas party through a mutual friend. We were both dating someone else at the time, but Kevin kept texting and calling me anyway. We started hanging out more and I then started to realize (thanks to Kevin) that i wasn’t in a relationship that suited me and, at the time, he really wasn’t interested in the relationship he was in either. Kevin broke up with his girlfriend, and we kept hanging out together, sometimes even with my boyfriend! My then boyfriend actually told Kevin that if I found someone better than him then I should go for it… so i did! And, looking back now, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made!”


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1st Anniversary Shoot

We headed to Downtown Norfolk for their 1st anniversary shoot and (with such a gorgeous background) it wasn’t hard to get some amazing shots of these two!
When I asked what their first year of marriage was like (and if it was different from what they expected), here’s what they had to say:
“the first year of marriage to us didn’t change at all. We still feel like we did before the wedding, but now Kevin gets to call me Mrs Pinkney! I believe that if you were meant to be married, then it shouldn’t change anything in your relationship, only that you feel more of a stronger bond!”


1st anniversary shoot


Kevin and Jen, I wish you so much joy and happiness as you celebrate the first of many anniversaries together. May you grow always in love and continue to always try to make the other one happy!


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