Hello MayOh my goodness, looks like it’s time to welcome May – and figure out where the heck this year is going!

Here are some cool things that we can look forward to in May:

Mothers Day (May 10th, make sure to get mom a present!)
National Bike Month
National Military Appreciation Month
Drinking Water Month (and I think this is something we can all stand to do more of!)
Cinco de Mayo – who’s up to go get some margaritas?!


Welcome May!

January Goals List


Personal Goals:

  • Make time to be outside and soak up some Vitamin D
  • I absolutely NEED to make some ribbon wands!
  • Start picking up lighter clothes for the trip to Spain next month (eek, next month!!!)

Business Goals:

  • Rock out some amazing weddings this month (get ready for some gorgeousness!)
  • Set up new blogging schedule, Monday – Thursday
  • Make plans for the free Bridal workshop I’m teaching in June

What Are Your Goals?!

We can all welcome May with open arms, but with the year officially being a third of the way over, what are YOU going to do with your time and energy? I’m a big believer in writing your goals and posting them where you can see them so that you are held accountable!