Your picture taking skills are on point.
You’ve got a bunch of snazzy business cards to hand out.
Your website is gorgeous… so why aren’t customers flocking to your door?!
Getting the word out about your business can feel really tough, but never fear!
We are sharing 10 free photography marketing ideas that really work to help you bring in more clients.


10 Free Photography Marketing Ideas That REALLY Work

1) Create Instructional/Informational Videos

Did you know that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video?!

That’s a heck of a market to break into, and we need to do it to stay relevant.

(I’m speaking to me as much as I am you!)

With so many options and tools to do create content, there’s really no reason not to. With a little creative thinking, you can tap into video to boost marketing efforts and get new eyes on your work.


champagne and wedding shoes


2) Create and Recycle Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is always relevant and does not become dated, meaning it can constantly be found online by search engines.

Some of our most popular evergreen content includes guides for what to wear at a photoshoot, popular photo shoot locations in Virginia Beach, etc.

Once you’ve created this, share it continually, or make it part of what you send to clients to educate them on how your business works.

What blog post, infographic or video can you create for your business that can continually serve you?


3) Publications/Submissions

Get your work published lends an air of credibility, and shows clients that you are a trusted resource.

It also puts your work in front of potential clients you wouldn’t necessarily have access to.

Your work being broadcasted on another site reaches their audience and exposes your awesomeness to even more people.


Aquamarine Engagement Ring


4) Blog Often, on a Variety of Subjects

I will preach this till I’m blue in the face, but any professional business needs to have a consistent blog presences!

Fresh content on a website let’s Google know that it is an active business, and helps you rank higher in searches.

Plus, if you visit a site and it hasn’t been update in weeks/months (even years!), wouldn’t you wonder if the company is still in business?

If you feel like you struggle with content (what the heck do you post about all the time?!) check out this handy link.

In it we share ideas you can use to blog about things right meow!


5) Offer a Referral Bonus

You are awesome.

You know it, and your clients know it.

Encourage past clients to share their great experience with others, and reward them in the process.

As a photographer, I like to gift my clients who refer print credits towards their session. And for people who refer wedding clients, we give $100 cash (so do ya know anyone who needs a wedding photographer?!)

While this isn’t technically free, the benefit far outweighs the cost – so it made the list.


Her wedding vows book


6) Give Back to a Cause

Aligning yourself with a charitable cause can be a great way to network and give back at the same time.

There are always organizations who would love to receive a gift of the service you provide.

You could offer to volunteer at an event they host, or donate something for the silent auction.

Since we have such a strong connection to the military, we choose to give back to the organization Operation: Love Reunited.


7) Free Google Business Page

Google business pages are free, and a great tool for promoting your site!

Get ranked higher (organically), when you search for a keyword+location (like Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer).

These listings are free, so grab yours via this link.


Wedding Planners tips and tricks


8) Keep Your Social Media Game Strong

It’s important to not just be posting to social media, but to actually be interacting and keeping the “social” in social media.

By creating and maintaining genuine relationships, you give prospective clients a peek into who you really are.

Gone are the days of throwing up an inspirational quote and the “likes” come rolling in.

Now, people want to connect with other people.

They want to look at someone’s content and be able to say “that is SO me!”


9) Send out a Customer Experience Survey

Nothing will let you get into the minds of your clients (or prospective clients) like hearing what they have to say.

Create an in-depth survey and you might be surprised by the results.

People feel much more compelled to share their thoughts if they feel anonymous.

This survey can show you things you might need to improve on, or give you ideas for what you can implement.


rustic Fall bridal bouquet


10) Create an Email List

We’re saving the best for last – create an email list.

(and then actually send information out to your subscribers!)

It takes 23 times for a customer to see your business before they feel like they can say “yes” and buy from you. (woah!)

If you send out an email newsletter, it should be educational or entertaining.

Why should a prospective client open your email vs sending it straight to the trash folder?

Give them exciting, engaging content that they WANT to read!

You can also send out “subscribers only” discounts, or offer a free download as incentive for clients to sign up.


Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Now that you’ve had a chance to see our tips for 10 free marketing ideas, we’d love to help in your photographic biz journey! Fresh Look Photography offers private mentoring to help with any aspect of running your business, and we’d love to chat with you! Feel free to drop a comment below or click the { Contact Me } button and we will get rocking and rolling!