This Zion sunrise engagement session has been sitting on my desktop for ages. It’s been sitting here, waiting for me to blog it, and share all the beauty of Joy and Logan in love!

I have to say, going out to Zion National Park in Utah was an experience.

And anyone who knows me, know’s how I feel about nature.

To sum it up: “eewww, get it off of me!” 🙂

But getting the chance to capture the passion between Joy and Logan – wow!

It was SO totally worth it!

These two really inspired my creativity, and made me want to keep taking pictures (even after we were 90+ minutes into the session!).

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Zion Sunrise Engagement Session

The day started with a 4:15am wake up call, so we could travel out to Zion National Park (which was Utah’s 1st national park!).

When we arrived, they told Eric and I “it’s just a short two mile hike”.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you realize that it’s 2 miles straight up, with narrow paths (more like goat trails), and plummeting to your doom seems inevitable around every turn!

(Drama queen… maybe 😉 )

But I have to say, it was ALL worth it in the end.

When we finally got to the top of the ridge and looked down… wow!

What a spectacular sight!

It truly made me marvel at the Creator’s handy work.

Joy and Logan, you two were a complete dream to photograph. Thank you for allowing us to document a piece of your love story, and we wish y’all nothing but amazing things in the future!

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And how gorgeous is this ring from Trumpet & Horn?!

Utah Engagement Photo Shoot

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