winter beach photo shootUpon first thinking about it, you might not expect that a winter beach photo shoot would be the ideal time of year for this type of session. But for the Ticomb family, it was the perfect time and place to commemorate having everyone together (especially since you’ve got people coming all the way from Sweden!). beach family photos

It may have been windy and a bit chilly on the December day that we did pictures, but everyone was in great spirits when we started our photo shoot!love through the years family photos on the beach playing on the beach

Gotta love when these two gals had fun goofing off and playing with the giant beach balls 🙂sisters hanging out together

I have sisters, and this is pretty much exactly what our photos would look like too!photos at the oceanfront

Winter Beach Photo Shoot

Rich and Linda live here in Virginia Beach, but they’re originally from up north in New York. Quite a few years ago, they decided to abandon the cold northern temperatures in favor of Virginia’s warmer climate. Their daughters live all over the place, with one down in Texas and the other living in Sweden with her husband and son. So when you can get everyone together, that means it’s time to capitalize on that and get some new family photos done 🙂 generational family photos mother and son smiling baby photos outside the house


Once we finished running around the oceanfront and goofing off on the sand, it was time to head back to the Ticomb house to get some photos in front of the Christmas tree! To be fair, it was three days after Christmas, so it was definitely appropriate to have fun in front of the Christmas tree. photos with the Christmas tree Christmas baby picture photos with grandpa by the tree

Ticomb family, thank you for letting me come and hang out with your beautiful family! You guys were so much fun, and I had a blast hanging out with you all and getting to know you guys. I wish you all so much joy and happiness, no matter which end of the globe you happen to be on.