What happens when you get a group of wedding photographers together and ask what wedding trends they love and what they want to leave in 2016? A lot of differing opinions, that’s what! Recently I saw an online post where people were talking about things they liked and could live without when it came to weddings. Opinions were somewhat on track with what I thought, but there are some wedding trends I want to see stick around – hello bubble exits!

Wedding Trends – My Predictions for 2017

Please note – these wedding trends predictions are my own personal opinion and not meant to bash anyone. We have photographed LOTS of weddings, and each of them is special and amazing regardless of the theme. With that being said, here are my wedding trends predictions for 2017! I’ve split it up into two sections: What’s Out, and what to Try Instead. For each thing that’s “Out” there is something different you can give a whirl!

What’s Out

  • Chevron
  • Traditional Guest Books
  • Cake Pops
  • Matchy Matchy bridesmaid dresses
  • Specific or Dual Wedding Colors
  • Chalkboard Signs
  • Crowns/Tiaras
  • Brides Side/Grooms Side at the Ceremony
  • Muted, soft colors
  • Updo’s
  • Mason Jars
  • Little boxes as favors
  • Throwing rice/confetti at exits


Sparkle and Shine teal bridal sessionsparkle and shine teal bridal session


Try Instead

  • Marble Patterns (check out THIS LINK for examples!)
  • Photo Guest Book – guests can write in this and makes for an awesome keepsake.
  • Donuts are the new Cupcakes – towers or individual servings, either way, these treats aren’t just for breakfast anymore!
  • Allow your bridesmaids to pick a dress that is flattering to their body type, that way they look and feel great!
  • More brides are choosing a color palette and tonal varieties and basing their wedding off those.
  • Calligraphy on mirrors – super classy and adds a touch of elegance!
  • Long veils – so incredibly elegant and you just can’t go wrong with this (especially for all the photo possibilities!)
  • Choose a Seat, Not a Side – We’re all Family Once the Knot is Tied
  • Bright, bold colors (especially jewel tones!)
  • Long, soft waves for hair
  • Copper Mule Mugs
  • Candy Bar/Edible Favors
  • Glow sticks at the grand exit


glitz and glamour weddingcupcakes at reception


Now you know what I think are going to be wedding trends for 2017 – what are some things that you can’t wait for (or can’t wait to see go?!). I’d love to have you share in the comments what you are doing to make your big day even more amazing!


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