If you’ve ever wanted to sit down with someone in the wedding industry to pick their brain, have we got a treat for you. Today we have awesome wedding pros sharing their knowledge about wedding stationery and etiquette. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn all about the amazing world of wedding stationery!

Wedding Stationery – What the Pro’s Wish You Knew

April, who runs PaperDolls Design, kicks things off by saying “start collecting guests’ addresses early! It serves as a good “invitation count” as many people get headcount and household count confused. Remember, only one invitation is sent per household, so normally your invitation count is almost half of your guest count. Also, many couples choose to have their addresses printed on the outer envelope, and most seem to leave it to the last minute to get them together… which delays the process a bit (and always takes more time than you expect)!

The other thing that I wish I could tell my couples is that “custom invitations” means so much more than just flipping through a book and picking a font. I can design anything under the sun, so I urge brides and grooms to gather some inspiration of their big day to send me, and then I can design something super unique for them based on that. I think it’s so special to have your own unique design for YOUR wedding day! The best part is, I’m able to carry this design throughout your entire wedding. From your place cards, menus, and programs, to custom signage, favor tags and even the logo/graphic to spotlight onto the wall/dance floor!”
yellow and gray wedding stationery
Menu and Place Cards courtesy of PaperDolls Design

Eliza, a Calligrapher and Stationery designer based in New York, who owns Eliza Gwendalyn says:
“The one thing I would say to brides would be…

Take into consideration that calligraphy is all hand done so you should try to book your calligrapher as soon as you pick your stationery out because majority of us book 3-6 months in advance due to how ‘on demand’ and trendy calligraphy is these days. You will also want to order 15-20% extra paper or envelopes for your calligrapher as we are not computers and face errors and/or ink bleeds just like any normal person!”
Fresh Look Photography
Invitation suite courtesy of Letterlyn 
Alexandra with A|Y Calligraphy says don’t just assume the fun stops with invitations. “There are so many other calligraphic elements that can be used at your wedding.  It is typically the first thing a guest will see as they walk into a venue and really sets the mood for the vibe that is to come for the entire evening.  Plus you can have so much fun with the signage and not just write on a boring chalkboard – don’t get me wrong I love a good chalkboard but mirrors also make a beautiful signage base.  Brides are continuing to be so creative with what they say on their signs and it really can express the relationship between the bride and groom.”
Lauren, with Lauren Perry Studio, says “Calligraphy is often thought of as an extra, luxury item, but it is an important component that sets the tone for what is to come on your wedding day. The first glimpse into your big day, and first extension of southern hospitality you send to your guests is your wedding invitations. The quality of your invitations, the way you tell your love story on paper and the personal touches that calligraphy provide show your guests that your wedding day will be an beautiful, classic celebration of your unique love story as a couple. Setting this up-scale, classic tone early not only gets your guests excited for what is to come, but elevates their mindset for your big day – leading to faster RSVP responses and snappier dressed guests!”
Lauren Perry Studio Calligraphy
Invitation suite courtesy of Lauren Perry Studio
Ceindy, with Ceindy Doodles talks about lettering and calligraphy and why it takes longer than a usual design stationery order. “This process is best when the designer has time to thoroughly research, plan, and execute. There are a lot of pieces to work on by hand and then we have to take it to the computer to digitize it so that multiple copies can be printed. Digitizing hand lettering and calligraphy takes awhile to perfect the letterforms, composition, color, and overall design. If envelopes are being calligraphed or lettered, be sure to give the designer plenty of time and extra supplies because it definitely takes a lot of time and effort.”
Sourabh, the creative mind behind A2zWeddingCards says, ” Every couple wants to have a whimsical and memorable wedding. They try to do everything possible, from finding the best wedding theme to choosing the best wedding venue. However, I have seen couples neglecting their wedding cards completely.
Wedding invitations are not just instrument in inviting your loved ones to your special day, they reflect your personality make the very first impression of your wedding on guests. If you think you have to spend a lot to find the most amazing wedding invitations, you’re absolutely wrong. When you know that you will be getting married, try to find the best offers for your wedding stationery needs. But make sure you aren’t trading quality for lower cost. It’s your wedding, you really can’t take anything for granted.”

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