Let me share a bit of true life to start off the day. When we book with clients, I let them know that I’m definitely going to be eating a piece of their cake (no lie!). Seriously, everyone knows that you go to weddings to eat cake and see sweet dance moves! That’s why I’m excited that today’s blog is about one of my favorite things: wedding cake!

We talked to some of the best wedding cake bakers here in Hampton Roads and found out what’s really most important when it comes to an amazing dessert!

Wedding Cake – What the Pros Wish You Knew

Kadi, the custom cake designer with Kadi Bakes, stresses the importance of having clients “find the designer you click with and trust their abilities, experience, and advice!

When I work with my clients I love it if they have a design or inspiration to start with, I then love to educate them with recommendations on the serving amounts, how to incorporate their ideas, and what I can do to create their dream cakes, dessert bars, and custom groom’s cakes! “

Cassie and Cathy, the cake artists behind Flour Child Bakery here in Virginia Beach share:

“When shopping around for your wedding cake, make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by asking about the serving sizes. As an industry standard, most wedding cakes are priced per serving. However, not all servings are the same size. Some bakers might say a 4-tier 6″+8″+10″+12″ round wedding cake will provide 130 servings. It is our opinion, based on a more realistic serving size, that this 4-tier cake will serve approximately 112 guests (including the top tier). When you multiply the amount of servings by the estimated price per serving, you could end up paying a lot more for the same size cake somewhere else. We’ve done our research, and we want to make sure you have right amount cake at your reception!”

Virginia Beach Wedding Cake

Cake courtesy of Incredible Edibles Bakery

4 tier wedding cake

Cake Courtesy of  Friend of the Bride

Rachel, the amazing talent behind Rachel Bakes says: “Always provide inspiration for your cake design.  A lot of bakers don’t want to copy another cake artist’s design and love having the opportunity to customize the cake to fit your wedding.  Photos of your flowers, venue, linens, dress, and more can inspire them and allow them to make a truly custom cake.  You can always bring a lot of photos or provide a mood/design board from your planner and narrow down the design from there if need be.”

Mimi, who’s the badass boss babe running Whipped Up By Mimi reminds us: really do your research. “Couples need to chose their cake artist/baker just like they choose their photographer. You want someone who is going to fit with your personality, and provide you with a quality that appeals to you visually and delectably. Wedding cakes should be booked anywhere from 3-6 months prior to your wedding date. If you are looking at someone who is greatly sought after then you should plan for 6-12 months prior to guarantee the availability of your wedding date.

Mimi also gives a few things that couples can think about before meeting with the cake artist:
  • Does this company have the skill to create a design that you will love?
  • What kind of quality product do they produce?
  • Will they go over all the necessary details to make sure you are getting what you need vs just giving you what your estimated guest count is?
  • Know that is ok to take your time and meet other cake artist’s/baker’s. Couples should never feel pressured to make a decision, you have to feel it inside that you found your perfect fit!

sparkle and shine teal bridal session

Cake courtesy of Sugar on Top Cakes and Sweets

lace wedding cake detail

Cake courtesy of Incredible Edibles Bakery

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