Today we’re diving into wedding beauty – getting that flawless hair and makeup for your big day! But it goes beyond just picking someone who can “make you pretty.” Are you finding someone who can work with your skintone? Are you looking for someone who will come to you? Is the artist going to just work on you, or your entire bridal party? Price is always a factor with wedding beauty artists, but is it the most important one?

We have rounded up a bunch of experts to share their opinions on all things wedding beauty. From makeup, to hairstyling, to price point. There is nothing that’s off limits with these boss babes!

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Wedding Beauty – What the Pros Wish You Knew

Dhalia (like the flower) owns Dhalia Edwards, says brides should remember “the makeup and hair industry is very large. But there is a difference between Bridal Day makeup and hair stylist vs salon stylist . We specialize in all areas of professional makeup but our expertise is Bridal. When booking your makeup artist, please see if they are listed and reviewed on a reputable bridal site. Reviews are important as well as a legit website and work history.

I’ve had so many brides inquire but then book with someone that was less in cost or a friend of a friend and then they end up reaching back out because they felt that person wasn’t really reliable. Sadly by then we are most times booked up. So don’t consider price so much when comparing your artist options, more so the quality and longevity of their work history.”

Markia, with Markia Nicole Hair+Makeup Artistry wants to stress to brides: “It is so worth hiring a makeup artist for your wedding beauty needs. Yes, you can probably do your makeup well, and you can watch all the YouTube videos ever made. But trusting a beauty professional gives you the chance to relax and really enjoy your wedding day.”

Jess with Jess Barbini Hair & Makeup Artistry stresses the importance of hiring a professional and finding a stylist who can fit your needs – both stylistically and personality wise. “Open communication is key in this industry. You should be able to ask any questions you may have openly and honestly with your stylist. Stylists should provide images of past clients they’ve done, and have their pricing and policy in contract form. Always sign contracts with the vendors for your big day!

A true professional will know how to apply makeup so it photographs well, and ensures that the client has some gorgeous false lashes to complete the look. So always say yes to getting those falsies!

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Shaelynn, who is the boss babe behind Anywhere Beauty by Shae, says to remember that there is a big difference in professional makeup vs everyday makeup application. Different things like product choices and application techniques vary.  For example some primers are not compatible with all foundations.  Some are alcohol based and some are silicone based. This could affect the longevity and break down the pigment.

Most importantly: by letting us come to you, we will relieve stress and help you to relax and fell completely pampered.”
Kara, the bubbly business owner with Best Face Forward, says it’s important to remember that “not ALL makeup artists are the same. I love to share with clients about the varying levels of education (about skill and business) that exist out there! I definitely understand that most people have to be conscientious about how they spend their funds, which is why it is important to make the right quality choice that you can.
I try to help brides identify where they place beauty in their priority list and them help them make the best decision from there. I know personally that our full service, luxury level team approach is not for everyone, so rather than wasting people’s time, for me as a business owner, it’s important to really invest time with those who hold what we do important. “
And Kara and her team were the ones who got me all glammed up for MY wedding day, so she knows her stuff.
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Liz, the style-maven who owns Darling & Dapper, says “I always let my brides know that this isn’t about what they see others doing.  It’s not about what their mom’s thinks, and has nothing to do with replicating Pinterest.  Its all about how they want to feel when they look at themselves in the mirror.  There are a lot of things we can embellish with extensions, or brighten with highlights, or add sheen with a glaze… So instead of overloading themselves with boards and magazine cutouts, I like to get a feel for embracing what they already have and seeing what direction they want to take it.

While planning a wedding, it’s easy to let smaller things be last on the totem pole (like hair and makeup). But like the dress, these details are representing who you are the entire day.  And they have to last, as well.  It’s important to find a stylist who has the knowledge and reviews behind them, to give you the confidence and longevity of a solid style that you don’t have to mess with once you leave their chair.  Do some research, meet with a few, and then make your decision.”

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