Virginia Beach vow renewalSo, if I can, I’d like to start out the day with a bit of a confession: never have I ever really wanted (I mean REALLY wanted) a bride’s wedding dress like I wanted the dress that Erica was wearing at her Virginia Beach vow renewal ceremony on the sand! It was so flippin gorgeous! Her blush wedding gown was soft, dreamy and romantic… perfect for re-dedicating her life to the man of her dreams. family on the beach escorted by your sons

I thought it was so incredibly sweet that Erica was escorted down the isle by her two sons!wedding on the beach Virginia Beach Vow Renewal Fresh Look Photography

One of the things that was most evident during the whole ceremony was the LOVE that these two shared for each other!getting married on the beach exchanging wedding vows black and white love kiss the bride

Erica and Ron met while they were still in high school, and their love has survived 16 years of being married, and 22 years of being together! Whenever I hear about couples who have been together for that long, I always have to ask: “how do you stay together for that long and not kill your spouse?!” I asked Ron (literally right before the ceremony started), and he said that you just have to wake up every day and remember that you are lucky enough to be married to your best friend!  family wedding picture dad and sons mommy and me wedding on the beach blush wedding dress blush wedding gown

Erica made SUCH a stunning bride! (not that I’m biased or anything)happily ever after wedding pictures at sunset wedding at sunset Fresh Look Photography kisses on the beach


Erica and Ron have certainly been through a lot in the time that they’ve been together – growing up into adults, serving the needs of the Navy, raising three kids… but through it all, they manage to make their relationship with each other a priority, always taking time to laugh together and remember why it is that they originally fell in love (even if there are those days where you want to strangle your spouse!).
Erica and Ron, I wish you another 22 years of happiness together, and know that the future holds nothing but amazing things for you and your family!