special deliveryThe holidays are always a great time to get everyone together and spend time with your family! For the Jackson family, it was extra special because not only did it bring everyone closer together but Catherine and Eric got to announce their special delivery… but I’m getting ahead of myself in the story 😉 grown up family family reunion photos all the boys

Family Time

We all know that when you are growing up in a family, it can be a pain in the butt having brothers and sisters (I know it was for me!), but when you move out of your parents house and start your own life, your siblings can become some of your closest friends. I remember someone telling me when I was 8 or 9 that one day I would really appreciate having a big family. At the time, I thought, pfft, yeah right! But it’s true, and now I really do value my family and those special relationships! boys will be boys

Man, talk about all boy! This little dude was so good during our photo shoot and had fun playing and goofing off!kisses from grandma childrens portrait family reunion photos

Special Delivery

For Catherine and Eric, their family is pretty spread out. Catherine’s brothers and parents all got together over the Christmas holiday to spend time together and decided it was a great time to announce their special delivery: a new baby coming later this year! soft and romantic

Love how the light makes these pictures so soft and romantic!couples photo shoot family photo shoot special delivery


Jackson family, I had such a blast hanging out with you all and it was such a pleasure (and an honor) capturing such a special moment in your lives! I loved being in on the secret and am excited for you guys getting to welcome a new member into your loving family!