senior photography workshopAs a photographer who specializes in weddings, couples, and families; I pretty much tend to stick to those types of sessions. But it is always nice to branch out, so when a fellow photographer told me about a senior photography workshop with Jessica Robertson, M.Photog.,AFP, that the VPPA put together at Anne Companion Photography’s studio in Hampton, I was intrigued. I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only learn about a different style of photography but also get to spend some time with industry peers. Turns out, it was an awesome experience!senior photography workshop senior photos photography workshop

Jessica (with Jessica Robertson Photographic Artistry) broke down each component of what works for her and walked us through her process! She was very open, showing us what she does from initial contact with the senior, how she conducts a consultation, guiding the senior through the process, and how she photographs them. I love the fact that she was so willing to be silly and goofy right along with the model, Samantha, because that’s exactly what I like to do with my clients. I am NOT afraid to get a little silly with you guys! high school senior photography beautiful senior girlUp to this point I have not done many senior portraits, but attending this workshop and seeing the possibilities really made me kind of want to take on a few more senior sessions! goofing off Another thing Jessica showed us was versatility in the photo shoot, and just how much you really can do when you are limited to a small space (like the studio) and making the most of it to create images that both you and the client will love.
Since a lot of my photography work is light and bright and airy, it was really cool to see Jessica create a mood in the studio and get a more glamorous look out of her setting and model.
Jessica, thank you so much for doing this workshop! I am grateful that you were so open with the group that day: in sharing your techniques and expertise and allowing us to take a glimpse into your world, and really just being a cool chick to hang out with! I look forward to seeing you again!!!

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