This romantic outdoor engagement session is gonna make you want to grab your fiancé and get out to make some magic of your own!

Stacy and Jake are the type of people who you are just instantly at ease with… like you’ve known them your whole life.

When we initially started talking about doing their engagement session, Stacy warned me that she and Jake are super awkward in front of the camera.

I told her I didn’t believe that at all.

And when you see the gorgeous images we created, I think you will agree with me.

Not only did they both look amazing at the session, Stacy and Jake both acted like they were naturals in front of the camera and totally killed it!

Eric and I are so stoked to take pictures at their wedding later this year!

But until then, enjoy this romantic engagement session and get to know a little more about these two lovebirds.


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Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session in Virginia Beach

How Did You Two Meet?

Jake and I met at a friend’s house.

A little over a year later after becoming really good friends, I realized I wanted to be with him.

We were at a party one evening, and ended up spending the entire night talking.

That night he told me how he felt about me, and we have now been together for ten (amazing) years!


When Did You Know He Was the One?

I’ve known Jake was the one for a long time – but for a lot of different reasons, and at different moments.

He has always been the calm to my crazy.

I overthink things all the time and he always reassures me.

I was going through a tough time figuring out my career path early on.

He knew how hard I worked and how anxious I was.

The day I told him I got accepted to pharmacy school, he had tears of joy in his eyes.

I knew at that point he would always be there for me and that I needed him there.


What was the proposal like?

He proposed to me at the perfect time, especially since I was going through a tough time.

We finally found a house we loved after a year of searching, but a month before closing I was laid off from my job.

I was so scared about not having a job and losing our dream house.

He always told me everything was going to be ok and not to worry.

I applied for jobs and was hired three weeks later – just in time for us to still be able to close on the house!

On closing day he told me he couldn’t make it to the final walkthrough, but would meet me at the office to sign documents.

I asked my dad to come to the walkthrough since Jake couldn’t be there.

Little did I know, my dad and realtor were in on Jake’s plan.

While we were all upstairs, Jake snuck inside to wait for me.

When I walked downstairs he was in the living room on one knee, and the rest is history.


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What are some of your favorite things to do together?

We definitely love to travel!

Our favorite place to go is New York City at Christmas. We always try to go for a weekend every year.

We love to binge watch shows. Currently we’re trying to catch up on Game of thrones before the new season starts.

We also love to play Pokémon go together.


If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?

Our word would be devoted!



What are three dreams/goals for your marriage?
1. Always communicate openly and honestly

2. Always make time for a new adventure

3. Become amazing parents


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