Park photo shootI’ve known Selena for a long time, most of her growing up years in fact. I met her when she was 7 and remember her being a quiet, shy little girl who was very polite. Fast forward 8 years, and she’s now a gorgeous teenager, kicking butt and taking names in high school, and has been dating a pretty amazing guy named Brian. Last year Selena asked me to take pictures for them and we did an indoor shoot. This year, they wanted to try something a little different, so I suggested a park photo shoot and we made plans to rock and roll! goofing off together

Oh my gosh, these two are so flippin adorable!!!
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Park Photo Shoot

One thing you have to know about Selena is that she is so full of spunk and personality! She has an awesome zest for life and always seems to wear a mischievous smile. So it was no surprise when we did our park photo shoot that she was crazy and fun! I wouldn’t necessarily classify Brian as super outgoing, but Selena definitely knew how to bring out his fun-loving side! fun couples photo shoot outdoor photo shoot

See what I mean about those crazy faces?! fall leaves couples photo park photo shoot


Selena, thank you for trusting me to take pictures for you and Brian. It has been so wonderful watching you becoming such an amazing and confidant young woman, and I love how generous and caring you are. (plus it doesn’t hurt that my little shrimpies absolutely adore you 😉 ) Keep on being awesome, never let the world tell you how you should act, and always choose joy! couple in love making a heart with your hands Fresh Look Photography