As we are growing up, every Disney movie has us inevitably asking ourselves: what will our happily ever after look like? Will we be like Belle, and fall in love with an  enchanted Prince (hard to see through all that hair!), or like Snow White, and end up with Prince Charming and seven dwarves (which we also affectionately referred to as children!). No matter what your idea of happily ever after ends up being, as long as it’s perfect for YOU, that’s all that matters!

Fresh Look Photography laughter is the best medicine sweet little shrimpies

Our Happily Ever After

If you were to ask the Ralbovsky family, Kaylee would say “our happily ever after looks exactly like this!” She and her husband have created a wonderful life for themselves, and they also have three little kiddos to make the ride more interesting!

Oak Grove Park family shoot smile for the camera

Oh em gee, these kiddos were so stinkin adorable! I love how they all have the same head tilt!our happily ever after family of five

Kaylee lost a bunch of weight, and since shedding all those extra pounds, she says that her priorities are so different now! She can actually be the mom that she wants to be to her kids and get out and play with them, and be a better wife to her hubby, and has already started planning adventures for the two of them!

park couples photo shoot Fresh Look Photography hug your hubby Fresh Look Photography

Thank you guys so much for having me come take photos of your family again! It has been awesome getting to see your little ones grow  up and even get to crack jokes with them (that they actually get this time 🙂 ). You two have such an amazing little bunch and I can’t wait to see what fun we cook up for the next photo shoot!!!

laughter is the best medicine mommy and me

Like mother, like daughter… these two are so adorable!!!father and sons