It was so much fun capturing these Old Dominion University graduation photos for Olga!

We headed out to the ODU campus to capture some images to celebrate this monumental achievement.

Not only did Olga move to the US from a different country, she is also the first in her family to graduate with a higher learning degree!

This babe is definitely a firecracker, and has so much passion and drive!

Get to know more about Olga, and her journey to getting her degree!


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Old Dominion University Graduation Photos

Olga moved from Honduras to America to study English. Her original plan was to stay here for one year learning English and then go to Spain to get her masters degree. One year turned into three years of learning English, then she started her degree at Old Dominion University. She met her husband the first year she was at college and they got married shortly there after. She moved from living in North Carolina to be in Hampton Roads, where her husband is stationed with the army.

The library was especially important when she went to college this time because she spent so much time in the library walls. The first time she went to college for her bachelors, Olga spent a lot of time partying and enjoying the college lifestyle. But going for her degree at Old Dominion University, her mentality was different and she logged countless hours studying – especially when her husband was deployed. She said that there were some nights where she would Be working in the library until 34 5 o’clock in the morning, go home to shower and get some coffee, then come right back to school to keep working. The amount of hard work and dedication this hard-working woman put in is truly inspiring!
One of the differences that Olga said made it harder this time around, was the fact that she would be writing papers, or taking a test, and have to search the meaning of a word, or ask her professor for a better definition of some thing so that she knew she was understanding what was being asked


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