The images that we got at this ODU graduation photoshoot for Savannah turned out amazing!

But I”m gonna let you in on a little secret…

It ended up raining the entire time we were taking pictures.

Whomp whomp!

Things started out with just the tiniest drizzle, but as we kept going – the rain came down harder and harder.

Seriously – cue the stress.

Luckily Savannah was a complete angel and was super energetic and up for anything.

We ended up making some serious magic, despite the dreary weather.

And – best part – you’d never know that things were so crazy by looking at these pictures!


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ODU Graduation Photoshoot for Savannah

Savannah started her college journey out of state in North Carolina.

Originally she is from Richmond, VA, so after two years, Savannah made the switch to ODU online.

It was right around this time that COVID hit, and she finished her last two years at Old Dominion (yay!).

At this time, Savannah wants to pursue psychology and we wish her nothing but amazing things in the future!

Savannah, I know that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

Get it girl!


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